What’s So Bad About Instrumental Schooling?: Book signing and talk with Aimee Howley

What’s So Bad About Instrumental Schooling?

Thursday April 20, 2017

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM EDT


Book signing and talk with Aimee Howley co-author of Out of our Minds: Turning the Tide of Anti-Intellectualism in American Schools

Join Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project to meet the author of an important book for educators. Concerned as our project is with “challenging and supporting all learners,” Dr. Howley’s book asks us: What does it mean to truly engage the intellect of students and teachers in the work of schools?

Intellect refers to the work of the mind—construed broadly in cultural terms. It connects to a realm of meaning that exists beyond each of us but belongs to us all. A true education engages intellect, bringing individuals across all of humanity into an ongoing conversation with the ideas, insights, and works of art that belong to them all and to which they all contribute. A true education is, by definition, inclusive.

However, schooling for so many students in our country differs in marked ways from a true education. Increasingly it has come to serve the interests of global capitalism and to belittle works of the mind by placing them in service of individual gain and corporate greed. Gifted education provides a case in point: it segregates the already advantaged and grooms them for life at the top of the neoliberal pyramid.

Aimee Howley will join us to talk about the new edition of her book. About writing a second edition, she writes, “Schooling has become so much more corrupt since 1995 that our revision turned into a complete rewrite.” Please come and participate in what is sure to be a provocative conversation.


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