Teacher as Activist: Charlotte Vinson asks her students to examine curriculum, naming who’s included and who’s not within the single story

Filmed by Angel Acosta, TCICP Research Assistant

Charlotte Vinson, graduate of Teachers College Inclusive Education Program and Middle Teacher at The Young Women’s Leadership Academy in the Bronx, demonstrates model inclusive pedagogies in her work.  Here, she explains multiple ways inclusive educators can operate through her own examples,  including positioning oneself as an activist educator and offering students opportunities to reposition their power by planning curriculum that not only honors all different types of learning through multimodal projects, but also by exploring societal power structures through anti-oppressive education; examining who’s included and who’s not within the master narrative/single story.


Angel Acosta is pursuing a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College, Columbia University. He studied anthropology and leadership at SUNY Plattsburgh. For the last ten years, he has worked in the field of college access preparing underserved youth for higher education through the nonprofit College for Every Student. His academic research focuses on mindfulness, critical pedagogy and youth leadership development. He is currently a graduate assistant for the Inclusive Classrooms Project LLC and the Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project.


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