Demonstration Schools

These site visits allow school leaders to see inclusive practices in action. They include guided observations of specific classrooms and meetings with various staff members and administration led by a TCICP staff developer. Demonstration schools are designed for principals, assistant principals, guidance counselors, school leadership teams, PPT teams, IEP teachers, literacy and math coaches, grade level team leaders, subject area coordinators, deans, and any other interested educators in an administrative position.

Diagnostic Teaching Teams

TCICP, with sponsorship by the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE), invites schools to send a “diagnostic team” to meet with us and colleagues from across the city. We engage in sustained, systematic, case-study analysis of students and collaboratively plan structures and approaches to try out in the classroom and school.

Inquiry-to-Action Teams

Year long, once a month, inquiry based professional development around specific inclusive practices and classroom problem solving.

Instructional Design Teams

Educators join colleagues from across the city and a TCICP Staff Developer once per month in collaborative inquiry around designing, implementing, studying, and publishing units of study that are standards-based and structured around the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

On-Site TCICP Consulting

Schools, administrators, and teams of teachers work with a Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project staff member to individualize their professional development on-site experience based on their particular needs and strengths.

Speaking Engagements

TCICP’s directors and staff are available for keynote talks, interactive workshops, and working sessions with school and district leaders.

Summer Institutes

During the summer, TCICP offers in-depth institutes for school leaders and teachers on topics like developing coaching relationships and co-planning and collaboration.

Workshop Offerings

One, two, or three day workshops for educators initiating or becoming comfortable with inclusive practices.

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