TCICP’s Newsletter

TCICP’s newsletter offers updates of our current work on building critical inclusivity in collaboration with our larger community of parents, teachers, principals, researchers, and TCICP staff.  We share resources created in collaboration with our TCICP friends and also recommend some of our favorite books and digital media that help guide our thinking. Sign up here!


Our blog features writings by TCICP’s staff on the inclusive philosophy that undergirds TCICP’s research, professional development, and coaching. You’ll find first-person essays and videos about the impact of TCICP’s professional development on teachers and their classroom practices.


Explore articles by TCICP staff and read some of the research that has come out of our project. You’ll find pieces about our development and enactment of inquiry-to-action teams and scholarly articles on the principles that inform our stance and work on critical inclusivity.